Coe offers not only living space but also some common rooms which provide extra space for community and exchange.


The Clubroom on the first floor is the official common room of the house. Equipped with sofas and a TV, it is the perfect room for film and game nights but also for relaxed get-togethers.

Old Mensa

The room which used to be our canteen is being redecorated into a living room. In the future, the old Mensa is going to be a space of encounters and a spacious lounge. If you have any creative ideas for decorations, let us now!

Saal 1

In Saal 1 - the large event room of the house - our different events take place every week during the semester. During exam periods, this hall will also be transformed into a learning camp.

Saal 2

The smaller Saal 2 - with lighting and, if desired, a music system (for a small fee) - can be reserved by residents for private parties with a maximum of 40 people free of charge. The bar evenings of the coe also take place here.

Saal 3

Saal 3 is available for residents to play music. A key is provided at the student office upon request. It is also open as a rehearsal room for the band coming together during the semester.


The chapel of the house offers not only the possibility to make music together but also a place of peace. People of all religions and world views are welcome to use it as a prayer and meditation room. Because it is open all the time, it always offers a place of retreat if you need a moment of silence and want to reflect a little. In addition, in-house services and devotions take place here regularly.


The library which was converted into a workroom offers the possibility to scan and print out your own work. It has a small selection of reference works and literature to borrow.