Spiritual life

The spiritual life in coe is as diverse as the people who participate in it. It is important for us to celebrate community, to treat the beliefs of others with respect, and to reflect and deepen the personal faith.

Therefore, there are regularly common devotions, church services and early shifts taking place, as well as exciting discussions and theme evenings in the devotional team. All offerings are of course genuinely "ecumenical" - all residents are invited, regardless of which denomination or religion they belong to!

Church services

Every semester there are several services on different topics, e.g. at the beginning and end of the semester. The dates will be announced in time.


The devotions are as different and diverse as the people who design them. Devotions take place in the chapel every Wednesday at 8 pm. Once a month there is a devotional service in the English language.

Morning shifts

Moreover, each semester there are three Tuesdays on which we want to start the day together in a different way. On these days, we already meet in the early morning in the chapel, around 7 am, to calmly start the day by listening to a small impulse. Afterwards, we use to have breakfast together in the cafeteria, before everyone’s daily routines continue.

Pastoral care

Need to talk? 

To tell about my life what I want to tell. Asking questions to which there may not be easy answers. Looking and thinking about your own life in conversation. Allowing and evaluating new perspectives when life offers them and everything within a framework protected by pastoral confidentiality.

If you need a conversation, if you are looking for a spiritual direction for a certain period of time, or simply feel like talking, you are very welcome to contact me.

Director of Studies Georg Jakobsche