What is special about living in coe? Which experiences did residents make?

Delia Suciu, an Erasmus-student from Rumania, Florian Achatz, an economist from Augsburg, and Madiha Yousaf, a research assistant and Ph.D. candidate tell, why they like living in coe and why they would recommend it to everyone else.

Delia Suciu

The coe is my family in Germany.


My name is Delia Suciu, I am from Romania and I am a happy Erasmus student living in coe dorm. :)

First time when I came to Bamberg was last year and since then I liked this dorm very much. Some of my friends were staying here and I remember them having gatherings and different activities within the community they were living in. Therefore, the second time when I got the chance to come as an Erasmus student in Bamberg, I applied directly for a room in COE with the hope to experience what my friends experienced last year. Gladly I was accepted and I am happy to be a part of the family now.

As a foreigner, it is hard to get accommodated with a new place, a new country and a different culture. Since the beginning I found COE as a warm place to live in. People here are friendly and our tutors together with our “parents” who are taking care of us and this dorm are always happy to help us anytime we ask for it. I made a lot of memories here, even during the Corona times and I am so sad I need to leave soon.

I hope that you will also feel like home when you will choose to be a part of this family!

With much love,


Florian Achatz

In coe, you get the possibility to meet people from all around the world.

My Name is Florian Achatz (just call me Flo), I’m from Augsburg, Germany, and I'm studying Education in Business. In Bavaria, this course is available only in Bamberg, Nuremberg, and Munich, so I chose the most beautiful of those three towns.

Coe got my attention through my sister because she lives here as well. After the first semester in the Coe, I’m excited about the community, the friends I made, and the incredible offer of activities, of course. Almost every week there is an event, where you can come together with the other residents and have a lot of fun.

One more benefit point is the high number of foreign students. This offers me the opportunity to train my English, meet people from all around the world, and get a better understanding of the world’s community.

In my free time, I’m a passionate musician. I sing, play the Bass, the Guitar, and used to play in many bands. Currently, I’m the singer of the Hardrock Band “Full Device” (feel free to check it out on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram…). Further, I’m a big soccer fan, I do calisthenics and I’ll never say no to a cozy beer.

If you are new at Coe, I highly recommend you to join the Thursday events. You will meet other residents immediately and it is always pretty funny.

Madiha Yousaf

Various activities are planned by the floor managers that increase your social circle and helps you survive in a foreign country

I have joined the University of Bamberg, Germany, on the 1st of April 2017. I was appointed as a research assistant and a Ph.D. candidate on a project in the faculty of Applied computer sciences. Being an international researcher from Pakistan, I was allocated a room in the international collegium.

My first impression of the collegium was quite good as I was able to communicate in English with the woman of the secretary. She explained everything in detail and provided a welcoming environment. The COE staff is very supportive and is trying to help you in every way, from assembling a fan for your room to extending the contract. They are one of the key reasons I do not want to move from here, as they make me feel like I am at home.

Even though COE is not very close to the city center, yet it provides us with all the necessary facilities from a library to the canteen, terrace, bbq ground and rooms for having gatherings. Also, the supermarkets and bus stops are within walking distance from here.

As a Ph.D. researcher, it was expected to get exposure at a professional level. As you had the opportunity to attend conferences, to travel, meet, and collaborate with teams present inside and outside of Europe. On the other hand, COE provided me with an unexpected exposure by allowing me to meet people from different places and nationalities. Before arriving in Germany, I knew that I would meet people from various countries on business trips and in some get-togethers. Yet I was not aware that my dormitory would be providing me with multiple opportunities like cultural functions, Bbq parties, and weekend trips that will make me feel at home. The joint cooking sessions in common kitchens allow you to meet people of different cultures and know about their cuisines.

Various activities are planned by the floor managers that increase your social circle and helps you survive in a foreign country. Even though I take much time to adjust to a new place and require even more time to socialize, COE has provided me with good friends.

Moreover, being from Pakistan, I am used to having people around me. The atmosphere of COE, gatherings, and hustle-bustle in the dormitory does not make me feel that I am away from home :).

It's been three years since I came here, and it has always made me feel at home. Even in the starting days of my journey, when I was homesick and going through an adjusting phase, this place, especially my room became my hiding nest and comfort zone. International collegium is the best place for an international student to start their journey. This place provides us with multiple activities and opportunities, along with the experience of independent life.

Madiha Yousaf

Ph.D Researcher