Student Representation


The tutors are responsible for the planning of our events. Being a community is a crucial point for us at coe, that is why we host so many different events. We want to ensure that there is a life next to our busy university days. In collaboration with the rest of the residents, we provide a great variety of evening activities, but we are also here for you if you have any problems!

Tutors of the current semester

Tutors for common program and event organization: Haroon Kursheed and Sarah Schneider

Tutor for general program and floor representatives: Sarah Küchle

Tutor for event support and technical questions: Thomas Mühling

Tutor for international questions: Eguzkinie Insunza Bilbao

Tutor for IT: Ermal Kollcinaku

Tutor for spiritual life: Max Brodbeck

Floor representatives

There are two floor representatives (short: SWS) on every floor. They can help you to deal with neighbors and if you have any problems concerning our floor kitchens, washing machines etc. They also plan our floor events for you to meet your fellow students, neighbors, and all the people living on your floor.

Every SWS has a sign put up on their door for you to find them.