Other equipment

The house has eight common kitchens which are located on each floor of blocks B and C, next to the staircase. They are equipped with a stove, an oven, a sink, and work surfaces, and are perfect for cooking with friends and neighbors. There is enough space to sit and enjoy your meals, 


In the washing room in the cellar of the house (reachable by the stairs or the elevator), six washing machines and dryers can be used in exchange for a two Euro coin each. To assure easy use, manuals are put up on the wall.

For a monthly fee, a parking space in front of the house can be rented. Furthermore, visitors can park for free.


Additionally, several features that make life in the house easier and that cannot be found in any student dorm are available for our residents: 

  • A vacuum cleaner can be borrowed by the residents in the students office.
  • For a little semester fee, a toolbox to repair bikes can be used.
  • Moreover, there is the possibility to copy for a little fee in the students office, or to print or scan in the library.
  • Lastly, dishes and other cooking utensils that former residents donated can be passed on to new residents.