What probably makes the Collegium Oecumenicum unique is the close contact that exists between the residents.

All students living in coe are invited to build community and create encounters - between people, their experiences, values, and cultures. The full-time staff and the tutors contribute to establishing this community by creating opportunities to meet and share, and to get to know each other.


Therefore, there is a varied program of events that takes place during the regular semester periods. It is organized by the residents of the house themselves. The possibilities have a broad range, reaching from cultural events, such as theme nights, dance evenings, or workshops, to community-building events such as bar or game evenings.

Hereby students from different cultural backgrounds meet, exchange ideas, and share their traditions and interests. Specific interests, such as music, theatre, or sports activities, can also be shared by the various teams of the house. We are always open to new ideas!

Additionally, once a semester there is the opportunity to get to know the students of the house more closely during a community weekend or a study trip outside of Bamberg.

We will be looking forward to welcoming you to our community soon!