Like last year, a coe outside concert took place this summer semester. After voting for jazz music last summer, the residents decided on rock music this year. We were happy to be able to win the band "Paralyzed" for this. On Sunday 27 June, all residents whose windows faced the inner courtyard were able to watch the concert from the comfort of their rooms from 5 pm onwards. For all others, chairs were set up in the courtyard in advance. In addition, we turned our copy room into a bar without further ado in order to provide all visitors with drinks. The weather also played along on this Sunday and so "Paralyzed" presented us with songs from their current album for about an hour, but also played some of their older pieces. Musically, there was something for all tastes, from the relaxed rock ballad to the stormy guitar sound, and the Bamberg neighbourhood couldn't miss it either.

Band Paralyzed. Foto: Sarah Küchle

Foto: Sarah Küchle

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18. Februar 2021

Im Wintersemester 2020/21 haben wir im coe das Projekt "Mural Wall" durchgeführt.

25. Januar 2021

Dorothea Greiner als Pfarrer feierlich in sein Amt eingesetzt.

15. Juli 2021

Wie schon im letzten Jahr, fand auch in diesem Sommersemester ein coe Innenhofkonzert statt.

08. September 2021

Bewerbungsstopp! Für das kommende Wintersemester 2021/22 sind keine Plätze mehr frei. Wir nehmen daher ab 10.9.2021 keine Bewerbungen mehr an.