Project Mural Wall

This semester, it was difficult to have events in coe as usual, and, unfortunately, we were also unable to organize a vernissage. Therefore, we decided to offer the residents the opportunity to be creative themselves. At the beginning of the semester, we found a suitable wall, provided colors and brushes, and chose a theme. The Mural Wall was to be designed under the theme "Joy". Everyone could think about what gives them joy and then paint it. We are happy that this offer was so well received by the residents and that we had to expand the intended space after only a short period of time. Now, when you walk by in the foyer of coe, you can marvel at animals, flowers, and trees, as well as letting yourself be inspired by words and sayings. Furthermore, in Bamberg, of course, also the beer must not be missing for the joy, so it has found its place next to tequila and a cowboy. We were happy about the painted Christmas tree, suitable for the Christmas season. Many wonderful works of art have been created and the journey of discovery begins anew every time we pass by.

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