For questions concerning common life on the floors

for ideas or problems of living together, ...

For questions concerning the event program

for suggestions, ideas, volunteering,...

For technical questions

to water supply, electrics, furniture, ...
Mr. Gron, caretaker

For IT questions

about the internet connection or similar concerns
IT Tutor

For organizational matters

for questions concerning extension or cancellation of contracts,...
Mrs. Brandstetter, Administration

For Pastoral Care

Contact details and support see the article on Spiritual Life
In questions of personal support and in questions about house life and study program
Mr. Jakobsche, Director of Studies
or pastoral emergency number of the Redeemer Church: 01603089452

In medical matters or emergencies

Medical on-call service
116117 (Phone)

In mental distress

Crisis consulting service of a psychiatric institute 

In questions concerning addictions

SkF Bamberg e.V. (free consultation)

Gudrun Brandstetter

Roland und Elfriede Gron