Student Representation


The tutors are responsible for planning the activities in the house. The community in coe is important to us, which is why we plan and organize various events. In cooperation with the residents, we would like to put together an appealing program every semester, in addition to the daily university routine. But we are also available for questions or problems. 

Tutors of the current semester


  • Tutors for community program and international questions:

           Haroon Khursheed, Rabab Azouggar

  • Tutor for general program and floor representatives:

           Max Mooseder

  • Tutor for IT: Ermal Kollcinaku


Floor representatives

The floor representatives (short: SWS, from the german word Stockwerksprecher) are available on each floor. They can be contacted in case of problems with neighbors or questions about the floor kitchens or washing machines, etc. At the same time, they organize floor-specific events, which give the opportunity to get to know the neighbors and floor residents better.

The SWS can be recognized by the sign hanging on the door of each SWS.